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if your game freezes when the loading bar is at ~95% in game and you're on windows vista/7 x64:

for me the solution was running mtaclient.exe in compatibility mode set for windows xp sp 3.

you can do this by right clicking on mtaclient.exe in your mta folder and selecting 'properties' 
then select the 'compatibility' tab at the top of the window that opens 
then check the 'run this program in compatibility mode' box and select 'windows xp (service pack 3)' from the list 

if the game crashes before it even starts:

i added both the gta-vc.exe and mtaclient.exe to the DEP list as well which you can do by:

right-clicking 'computer' on the right portion of the start menu, and selecting properties 
click the 'advanced system settings' option on the left of the screen that opens 
click the 'settings' button under the 'performance' header on the window that opens 
click the 'data execution prevention' tab at the top of the window that opens 
make sure the option 'turn on dep for all programs and services except those i select' is selected (this may require a reboot if you have to change it) 
click the 'add' button near the bottom of the window that opens and browse to your gta-vc.exe 
click 'add' again and browse to your mtaclient.exe 

if your mouse doesn't work in-game, the solution is fairly simple as well:

    right-click on your gta-vc.exe in your game folder and select 'properties' 
    click the 'compatibility' tab at the top 
    check the box for 'disable visual themes' 

this will fix the no mouse in gta vice city on windows 7/vista

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Generally another fix that tends to solve a lot of bugs is also right-clicking on MTAClient.exe (before running it), and choosing Run As Administrator. For whatever reason, this solves unknown permission bugs that allow it to run correctly.

Also, for some, adding the GTA executable and MTAClient.exe to the Data Execution Prevention list tends to solve a few access denied memory address errors. Most don't need to do this, however...but it is known to resolve issues in SA:MP 0.3 under Windows Vista/7, so it appears to actually be a bug in GTA itself, and not MTA, that affects a select few.

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It seems like the cause of the unhandled exception @ address: 00000000 while loading the game is due to a graphic setting, not sure if any of you have noticed that already. The fix is having settings get back to defaults by deleting the file in 'Grand Theft Auto Vice City User Files'.

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