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MTA for Mac

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The developers would rather add support for 1.0+ instead of support an entire other operating system which probably has an entirely different executable format. Lots of things would need to be rewritten, as last time I checked .dll is only for Windows, and .so is used on Linux (Linux is a clone of Unix, Mac OS X is a Unix system afaik - so I assume .so is used on Macs). Many of the libraries needed would have to be in mac format and still, the team has modified some of these a lot and reworking it is a waste of time.

MTA's core was built originally to support Vice city, III and San Andreas iirc, but soon only began to support San Andreas. Multi-os was never put into consideration from starting because afaik each only supported Windows.

Much code may be rewritten in the mac release, hence incompatibility with other clients which use Windows. Also, the developers are used to be current code structure, and complications may arise when branching the windows client to the mac client.

So I can give you one answer, it's probably going to be no.


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