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Unsure What Arg 2 Of addEventHandler Should Be

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Well Here Is My Script I Have Never Quite Understood The 2 Arg In addEventHandler

function teamselect(player) 
    setElementPostition(player, 1928.68359375, -1776.30078125, 13.546875) 
    setPedRotation(player, 268) 
    setCameraMatrix(player, 1937.7578125, -1775.8779296875, 13.3828125, 1928.68359375, -1776.30078125, 13.546875) 
addEventHandler("team:selectstart", ?, teamselect) 

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the second argument of addEventHandler is something like.. the multitude of sources that can trigger it.

getRootElement() would mean that any element can trigger it

getResourceRootElement() would mean that only the current resource


local marker = createMarker(..)

addEventHandler('onMarkerHit', marker, functionToExecute)

this means that onMarkerHit is only triggered via our own 'marker'

I should also note that your code is wrong. "?" is not defined anywhere.

Also, player element won't be passed just like that. Unless you know what you're doing, this could be nil.

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You upper-case the first letter in every word. And did it ever come to you that all you had to do is click on addEventHandler in your first post and then, of course, read?

and binslayer, it's a '?' because he's not sure about the second argument. He wants to know what it's for.


:/ I Can Read What I Write Either Your Blind Or You Cant Read Words With Capital Letters In Them

P.S. Thanks BinSlayer

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