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This works thusly:

When you type an URL (http://www.foo.com) into your browser, a request is sent to the DNS server for the IP (in this example, The DNS server sends the IP to the browser, and then the browser connects to said IP.

Same thing with MTA, just replace 'browser' with 'MTA:VC'.

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you mean a hostname, a hostname is, for instance: http://www.multitheftauto.com

multitheftauto.com is a domain which is registered in the internet's main DNS servers

DNS servers translate these hostnames (multitheftauto.com) to IP's, so actually multitheftauto.com is a link to the IP where the MTA site is hosted..

Anyways, .com, .net and .org and .nl and .de and .co.uk, etc domains cost moneys.. but you can register (sub)domains like blah.servebeer.org for free at sites like http://www.no-ip.com

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