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[REL] JavaSDK 0.2


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Do you want to do something news ? I wrote the javasdk.Sorry It's too big.I cant write it here.But you can get every informations in SRC/Wiki/Javadoc.

Here is the wiki page: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/JavaSDK

Download is the bottom of the wiki page.

So what do I do with the SDK folder?

Lol, It's your library path.You should add to libraries.

You should learn Java :)

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0.2 comes, callJava and socket module changed.Now programs is client, server is server :P

But you should open port : 2205 TCP or if you changed PORT, open it.

If you don't use callJava in your programs, don't need to open port.

p.s: in vps, it will automatically opened.

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