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Remember CheckBox Ticked And Chat Block

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Well I want The Server/Script Whatever To Remember That The Checkbox Is Ticked When The Player Quits The Server And Joins It Again.

function chatblock() 
    local getguireg = guiGetVisible(register_Window[1]) 
    local getguilogin = guiGetVisible(login_Window[1]) 
    if ( getguireg ) or ( getguilogin ) then 
addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage", root, chatblock) 
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, 
    local Remembermeh = getElementData(localPlayer, "remember") 
    local Remember = guiCheckBoxGetSelected(login_Checkbox[1], getLocalPlayer()) 
    if ( Remember ) then 
    guiSetText(login_Edit[1], getPlayerName(getLocalPlayer())) 
    setElementData(localPlayer, "remember", remember) 
    elseif ( Remembermeh ) then 
    guiCheckBoxSetSelected(login_Checkbox, true) 
    guiSetText(login_Edit[1], getPlayerName(getLocalPlayer())) 

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