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Map editor doesn't start, please help. :/


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I use MTA 1.3 for 2 months, and I only played in DM servers. I really like it, and I want to try myself in mapping. But there's the problem. When I click on the 'Map Editor' button I get some messages: 'Starting local server...' then 'Entering the game...' and after this it goes wrong, and nothing moves. I must restart my PC. I'm new in MTA so maybe I did something wrong. Please help me!



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Console = black server window

Write in console "start play"

If this works.

Write in console "stop play" > "start editor" and now is the moment to check if the problem is with the server or with the client < your mta/gta.

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Why is writing in your console disabled? O_o

By the way 'editor_dump' folder recreates itself, every time I click on 'map editor' or 'host game'. 

Yes, it will recreat itself because it is a required file. Without it the editor doesn't work.

I recommend you to make a back up from your resource folder if you have important works in it.

There are lots of things not correct and maybe it is handy to re-install your mta. When you download it, you must also sellect server.

A clean start may help.

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This is a brand new MTA, I installed it 2 days ago, I didn't do any maps, or something, I just went 2 servers. That's all. And I can't do mapping.

What if I download an older MTA? Is there any useful innovation in the 1.3 version, or not so important?

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There is no reason why MTA:SA 1.3's editor should not work for you, so the problem is on your end.

You might want to try to install a new MTASA 1.3 copy into a path which does not contain any non-ASCII characters in its name (eg. G:\MTASA\1.3\).

Then, make sure that the folder you have installed it to does not have a 'read-only' attribute set (right click on that folder, go to properties and uncheck the read-only option).

Use the installer from this page: http://www.multitheftauto.com/ (click the Download button).

Once you do these steps, launch the newly installed MTASA (go to your G:\MTASA\1.3\ folder and launch multi theft auto.exe) and see if your problem still occurs.

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