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Help! Buttons with images

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When the user click (onClientGUIClick), you can get the mouse position and get the element (image) position. If is equal, execute your function.

Userful functions and events:

guiCreateStaticImage() --to create the image 
guiGetPosition() --to get the image position 
getCursorPosition() --to get the cursor position 
onClientGUIClick --event called when the player clicks on something 

Also, you will use some mathematics. You will need get the cursor position and calculate if the cursor is on the image (in other words, calculate if your cursor is in image_position + image_size)(I don't know explain much well).

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you mean like this Darken ?

addEventHandler('onClientGUIClick', root, 
local me = guiCreateStaticImage( 20, 200, 100, 100, "imagename.png", false ) 
if (source == me ) then 
triggerServerEvent('giveM4', localPlayer) 
addEvent('giveM4', true) 
addEvent('giveM4', root, 
giveWeapon ( source, 31, 200 ) 

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