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Setting rotation of marker?


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I looked @ editor resource for you and i found this:

you should look in editor_main>client>main

This isn't complete I know I had no time because I need to go

function updateArrowMarker( element ) 
    if not g_arrowMarker then return end 
    local element = element or g_selectedElement 
    if not element then return end 
    local radius = edf.edfGetElementRadius(element) or 1 
    local offsetZ = radius + 1 
    local markerSize = math.max(g_arrowMarkerMinSize,g_arrowMarkerSizeRatio*radius) 
    if isElementAttached(g_arrowMarker) then 
        detachElements(g_arrowMarker, getElementAttachedTo(g_arrowMarker)) 
    setMarkerSize(g_arrowMarker, markerSize) 
    attachElements(g_arrowMarker, element, 0, 0, offsetZ) 
    showGridlines ( element ) 
function createArrowMarker( handle ) 
    if not handle or not isElement(handle) then return end 
    if g_arrowMarker then destroyElement(g_arrowMarker) end 
    g_arrowMarker = createMarker(0, 0, 0, "arrow", .5, 255, 255, 0, 255) 
    setElementDimension(g_arrowMarker, getWorkingDimension()) 
    updateArrowMarker( handle ) 

you should look in editor_main>client>main

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@denny199 I want to set a rotation of a cylinder. Tried that code and it really doesn't set rotation of a cylinder.

Weird... I tried setElementPosition and it works... but setElementRotation doesn't...

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