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Lights / Smoke


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For better explain..

U know emergency flares ? the ones u use when u get lost, for example.. ? u shoot one of that flares, and there is smoke and a red color.. I would like to make the same visual effect smoke and light, but with green color not red..

Possible ? any chance of getting something like it ?

Thanks alot

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You can download particle objects resource from here or here. It has all (unless I've missed something) GTA SA particle effects. But you can't customize the colors, so it will be red. If you need green effect, you can try making your own with DX drawing functions.

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Like always, crystal helping me ;D

Thanks alot mate, didnt know about this, good job with ur website too, its very cool :)

I notice this description : " .. Some other particles don't appear continuously at all - only at the moment when the object is created.. "

Do you have a list saying which ones need to be "reconstructed" ? if not, can u say me the green spray tag is a continuous effect or not ?

Thanks alot again .

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Yes, you would just create the object with the model id, and since you want a teargas effect as you told me, you wouldn't need to worry about repeating it.

The model id for the teargasAD is 2063, you could also try 2062, but don't think that's what you want.

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  • MTA Team

If you want lights, you probably just want to use invisible vehicles collisioneless and then make them flash lights, but I'm suggesting to wait for the actual 3D lightning system - not sure if they're updating it at the moment, but I can see it coming up, since it's not a big thing.

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