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How much does server hosting cost?



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Well, first of all,

You need a site to host game servers,and allow your clients to edit their server info,

Next, you need to buy some dedicated servers, these are for hosting your clients servers,

After all that is finish, then you could determine the price for the servers having as many slots they want.

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That's true, after you start getting clients/costumers, your going to have to check up on their server settings and see if it meets the requirments if the plan/offer they bought.

Not only that.

Everyday, people will be trying to contact you, asking you for help. You will need to check everything, do a lot of things. It will be a hard work if you are starting alone.

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Get a team from around the world for 24/7 support.

Make sure you know lots about Linux, servers and php.

Divide the work up, one person does the site, one person does the control panel in the site, a few people do the 24/7 support, and the others moderate the files.

Make it completely legal, people can sue you just for terminating the service. You get money, but you have to put a lot of money into it to begin with.

Make sure the files don't have copyrighted material such as music found on most race servers. This can get you sued and probably get the service shut down, which may also result in something called the butterfly effect. (you get sued by the music people, the clients sue you for shutting down your service without notice)

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I have the idea of making a MTA server hosting service, but I'm not really sure how much I should charge per player slot, dediated IP, etc...

Anyone wanna tell me what they think is a fair price to be charged for MTA hosting?


It depends on your requirements and the host service providers. If you want dedicated server, it may cost little bit higher than the normal Virtual Private Server. Because, as to Dedicated it is solely owned by you and you would also have your server configured with high end hardware and software specially installed for you. Also, there might be cost variation between your choice of OS platforms that of Linux, Windows. It is generally said that Web server hosting on Linux is little bit cheaper over Windows yet we still need to look out for service providers who render it at an affordable price. For instance, And since there are plenty of host providers out there that offer hosting service at very competitively, price comparison is greatly helpful to find the affordable and quality service.

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