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guiedit issue.

Tete omar

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i see many of scripts on different of servers like when i type on edit and press enter not needed to click on a button to send my message just press enter

so ..

if ( source == sendmytext ) then 

sendmytext is a button ..

so if i want also make it send a text with "enter key"

should i do like that?

if ( source == sendmytext or bindkey("enter_exit",down,myfunc ) then -- i know it's wrong but i just guess[ 

or like that

if ( source == sendmytext ) then 
if ( source == enter_exit ) -- i know it's wrong but i just guess 

here's the code

function furbo(state) 
    if state == "left" then 
       if ( source == sendmytext  ) then 
           local Player = getLocalPlayer() 
           local thetext = guiGetText(myedit) 
           if thetext ~= "" then 
           triggerServerEvent("SendTexetes", getLocalPlayer(), Player, thetext) 
           guiSetText(myedit, "") 
           outputChatBox("cannot send.", 255, 0, 0 ) 
addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getRootElement(), furbo) 

:idea::idea: how ? and is it tall issue.

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