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Everlite RolePlay is an another vG made script, but we're frequently updating it to be different. Somehow we reached 25+ that means we're one of the leading communities with the 'vG' script. The server has been exisitng the last few months, but it has been under development (bugfixes).

People would think, this is an another server with the vG script, but this server is exisitng and is not going to die like the other RP servers did. We have more servers too, forexample the Garry's Mod server which is leaded by Spliff (TWD Owner), we have a scratchmade script on SA-MP which is still in dev. and we have a Minecraft server to play on.

We look forward to develop more servers, if you are a scripter or a developer, conact JasoN on the forums http://www.everlitegaming.info/forums/


Direct: mtasa://

Community Forums: EverliteGaming.info/forums/

Website: EverliteGaming.info

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