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Player information storage format


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I need some opinions,

I had an idea to store user information, in a per file format.

Say a user called Foo with the password of bar creates an account,

Store it as FILENAME Foo and within the file store the password bar.

What is your opinion on this?

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Look, if you want to make a successful server you need to optimize it as much as possible.

I experienced a server that failed because of using XML to save accounts, even though I'm not sure that files will cause same problem as XML.

I recommend being on the safe side and using SQLite or MySQL. They're both easy to learn.

EDIT: This might help: viewtopic.php?f=148&t=38203.

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EDIT: This might help: viewtopic.php?f=148&t=38203.

Probably the best response all day about SQL is that link as i have been looking for tutorials. You have me convinced, thank you for your response.

What would i need to download to use SQL? What would you recommend

One more question,


I see two types of functions, Do they work together, or can i use either/or (db and execute)

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You don't need to download anything if you're going to use SQLite (the link I gave you), MySQL otherwise would need you to setup a database.

executeSQL* functions are the old SQLite functions, they freeze the server until they get the result back.

db* functions are the new ones, dbQuery have a callback argument, so you can use that callback to handle the result as it returns.

Simply use db* functions. In the same link I gave you, I also posted a db* functions tutorial, check it, it's the second post.

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