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Update the stat problem

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hey guys i made a gridlist with players ok ? when i select my my self and my serial show up into a label

but when i choose a new player i find the same serial just like the serial was freezed on me only

here's my code

     function onClick () 
    selectedRow, selectedCol = guiGridListGetSelectedItem( GUIEditor_Grid[1]) 
    hisName = guiGridListGetItemText( GUIEditor_Grid[1], selectedRow, selectedCol ) 
    hisSerial = getPlayerSerial( GUIEditor_Grid[1], selectedRow, selectedCol ) 
    hisMoney = getPlayerMoney( GUIEditor_Grid[1], selectedRow, selectedCol ) 
    hisPing = getPlayerPing( GUIEditor_Grid[1], selectedRow, selectedCol ) 
    guiSetText ( GUIEditor_Label[7], tostring(hisName)) 
    guiSetText ( GUIEditor_Label[9], tostring(hisSerial)) 
    guiSetText ( GUIEditor_Label[12], tostring(hisMoney)) 
    guiSetText ( GUIEditor_Label[12], tostring(hisPing)) 
    addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor_Grid[1], onClick) 

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Just wondering, did you even read Castillo's post?

He clearly said that getPlayerSerial and getPlayerMoney have no player argument.

hisName = guiGridListGetItemText( GUIEditor_Grid[1], selectedRow, selectedCol ) 
local pl = getPlayerFromName(hisName) 
    hisSerial = getPlayerSerial( ) 
    hisMoney = getPlayerMoney( ) 
    hisPing = getPlayerPing( pl ) 

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