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Map Editor Roadsign letters

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This suggestion most likely wont be added to a future version of MTA, but there is a way that you can accomplish what you want to do here. First off your going to need to have a txd editing program. Try TXD Workshop it's pretty good. Now you will need open up the program and click Open IMG then browse this path "X:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\Models. Open the gta3 file, you will see a lot of stuff in here if you have trouble finding the sign just search for it. After you have found it click on the .txd file then click actions and export it to your desktop. Close the program now and reopen it then instead of opening the gta3 file again just open the txd file you exported to your desktop. You wil see some images pop up to the right export the image you need to your desktop then open the image in paint, photoshop or whatever program you use and color over the text that's on the sign now just write whatever you want on the sign, save the image and import it back into the txd file. Your now done with that part. Now you will need to make a folder, name it whatever you want and add that txd file that was on your desktop to the folder. Then just make a script to replace the signs txd you will need to use these two functions to load and replace it. engineLoadTXD and engineImportTXD after the script is made put it in the folder you made and make a meta.xml file. Hope this helps you accomplish what you wanted to do.

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