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-DR// Death Racers Fivos and CoReX server (UPDATED)

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you already know, before two or three weeks myself and CoReX released a new amazing [DM], [DD], [FUN] and [RACE] clan called : Death Racers (-DR//)... Anyway, we have been going successfully these two weeks and gathered a lot of players and we are very glad you gave us your support either by donating or even visiting our server so we want to thank you for that... Today I am here to talk about the recent updates that have been going on around our clan. We are very pleased that we have re-scripted and fixed some bugs in our server and also very pleased that we finally have an 100% functioning User Panel. So here are a few updates that have been going on around our server :

- Rebuilt the Race File for different DM or DD maps

- Scripted a User Panel that is functioning 100% (F7 to toggle) (We want to thank Dennis for helping us very much so don't forget to visit his server named DenR...

- Built a forum with SMF and our own SMF template (http://www.dr-gaming.tk)

- Changed our Top Times and Stats to MY-SQL so we can link them with our Forum using PHP

- Minor Bug Fixes

- Added our Logo at the Top-Right Corner of the server in case anybody is recording

- Rebuilt the Scoreboard with a new design

That is all scripting for now! Other than scripting we have used some of our extra money that is left to buy us some maps... I am more than happy to announce that our server now have : [DM]Moonlight v4 - Crystalize, [DM]JohnY ft. Cosa_Nostra - Memoirs, [DM]Moonlight ft. Quantum ft. Cosa_Nostra ft. CooL - Judgement Day and many more... So please don't forget to help us by visiting our server and calling your friends to join... You can make a difference! Visit our server by searching [Death Racers] in server browser!

Thank you!

-DR// Administrator Team (-DR//Fivo{S}~ and -DR//CoReX)

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