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am i the first?




first of all, let me introduce myself:

im anythinga, i game alot, and once in a while i code in various languages, mainly on my osx machine.

a few days before this, a friend of mine asked: could you get gta san andreas multiplayer working on mac?

i said: i could try.

so i started fucking around a bit in various porting programs (wine,crossover,cider etc) (sorry for my language)

and after a while i got it working, gave the app to my friend to check if it worked on his older macbook, and sure enough it worked, he could join servers and everything.

so my question is, am i the first to succesfully port this to mac? i guess not :P

EDIT: dedicated server is not working, fixing that later on.

EDIT: also, if someone would like me to upload my application, just ask.

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Nice, maybe we could make this the topic for Apple Users

Well, if he would explain step by step of how did he achieve this, then yes.

that's true,

anythinga, can you post step-by-step how you got MTA to work on your Mac/Apple device?

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okay, let me explain, step by step how i did it.

first off, to achieve this i used a program called wineskin, wich is free to download from: http://wineskin.doh123.com/

after installing that, you have to update first, so open wineskin winery and click the update button, this will download the latest wrapper.

after that i added an engine, i used ws8wine1.3.1, yes that is an older version, but it is one of the most stable ones in terms of gaming, using the newer version will f*ck up the mouse (excuse me for my language).

you can add an engine by clicking the + button in your wineskin winery.

after that i created a new blank wrapper, wich can be done by clicking the button at the bottom of your winery window.

after creating that, and installing gecko (html is useful in my opinion), i opened it in finder.

right click the app you just created and click "show package contents"

that will show you drive c, preferences etcetera.

it also contains an app called "wineskin", open it.

now get your gta san andreas disk (or whatever you have, i used my disc), and put it in.

click on the install software button, go to your disc in finder, and select setup.exe.

now just install it like you would normally do on a windows machine.

after youve done that, it is usefull to nocd crack it, as wine does not connect with your mac disc drive.

im not going into cracking yet.

now get your mta installer from the internet.

in wineskin, click on install software and select your mta installer, install it just like you would do on windows.

after that, click the button in wineskin saying "choose executable".

browse to your mta installation directory and select multi_theft_auto.exe.

after that, do a little test run (there is a button for that).

you will get a few errors about fonts.

so download the following fonts:




place those ttf files in: HOME/applications/wineskin/mta.app{show package contents]/c_drive/windows/fonts

test run it again, and it should work.

adding pictures soon.

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