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Hey there!

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Hey new here,

I don't have VC on PC but the multiplayer aspect interests me, just a few questions if you don't mind.

1. How is it? Reading the forum I see there are alot of bugs, and ppl talking about the netcode. Is it worth buying the game to play MP?

2. How many players currently play? Theres acouple of versions of MTA which is the most popular.

3. What kind of game types are there? From what I understand theres DM, and TDM.

4. Are there any plans to make more Game types, Versions, or mods?

Here's my dream of a GTA multiplayer...Make it an RPG type game, I mean keep the same game play, but bring the whole city alive. Maybe pay for an account that saves all your stats, money, cars, even a house. Kind of like neverwinter nights.

Start the game off as some low life thug, beat people up to get money. Move your way up to some rich ass King Pin, rolling banks for millions.

Have the ability to own your own place, eg. apartment, warehouse, mansion, what ever.

Every person walking the streets, is another player. They can shoot you, you can shoot them. Players can start up gangs for gang wars, make it like a living breathing city.

Anyways just afew thoughts.

Cheers 8)

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1. Of course it's buggy, it's just a beta (alpha?) version but it works pretty good anyway. The biggest problem is the unhandled exceptions but there's many ways to reduce them.

2. MTA VC 0.2 is the most popular right now but I have no idea of how many who plays it. A would guess a couple of thousands...

3. For now there are 2 built in gmae types but i dont know if they are consiedered as game types, most servers has FFA (Dm) if nothing else is specified in MOTD (messageoftheday).

4. Definately, MTA is getting and better but you need to have some patience.

I've seen your idea before but in my eyes it would be impossible to execute with GTA VC, maybe in future GTA games (SA).

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If you've never played VC, it's worth buying just for the single player game :)

Most people get MTA:VC 0.2 up and running without any trouble... it's the remaining 5% or so that post here.

The main problem (for me anyway) is the netcode is far from being BF 1942s... but it is getting better through each release.

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