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The game just Freeze

Guest Dropedarious

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Hi everybody. Sometimes when playing Vice City Multiplayer I suffer a disconnection, OK, that's usual in thae 0.2 beta version. I reconnect and the game follows without any change.

But sometimes after certain amount of minutes, sometimes just when the game start, sometimes after 10 minutes of playing (most of times) in any part of the game, it just freeze, and then after 5 or 10 seconds the game close and I need to Open the connection and the Vice City again. I'm using the original Vice City with the original files (no mods). I know that it's just a beta version, but is it normal o there are somthing wrong in those 'freezes'?

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand me!!!!

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Ok is this same thing that happens to me . But my game only freazes if i play on a bad server like one in china and i live in the USA . My advise is ... try to enter on a server from your country and if possible try the MTA official servers . They are the best . By doing this , the crashing will not stop but it will rarely appear . like 1 in 30 times .

P.S : Your English is fine . :)8)

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