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phpMTAS release


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darn says I dont have access to download :P

You don't have permission to access /dev/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Any other mirrors?

Assuming he's not much for Disto anymore. If kosher with Dusty, I have a Working 1.0 Script, and his 2.0 Stats I never had luck with on my Hd.

On this site too :)Here

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as mike said, it wont work anymore on the new versions

i found a download and i will make it work...its not hard.

though, i was acually trying to make a nice MTA NUKE block of it...

can you send me working exec.php ... ?

my e-mail :


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you'd better invest your time in a mysql/mirc script... that's far more accurate

(nice bump in this thread again)

hmm maybe but my stats use phpMTAS for 1 year ... and work good with mta 0.3 , 0.3.2 , 0.4 and 0.4.1 with 10,085 players on DB ..

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another big bump but oh well

you can download this (only the v1 beta version) from here. this will get you the website layout with the exec.php which i believe is useless now, you will have to make your own script to get it to work

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For realtime stats on a webpage, please wait for the completion of the MTAPHP project. Im still working on it, but there is a lot of progress. Soon you will be able to see al the stats of your server realtime on a webpage!

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the only chance you have of making the phpMTAS work for MTA 0.5 is getting a mySQL dll for mIRC and using a IRC Script to right to the SQL Database for the PHP Script to read from

well thats how i did it.

i think he wants phpMTAS 2.0 as there might be different Calculations in the PHP Script which he is after before he writes to the sql. dunno what hes thinking of :?:

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