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My Ideas For Teams..


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instead of having the complicated teams/freeforall character selection , why not have the choice of any skin up to like 16 different so if you want to be in a team u choose the same skin as other people and if u want to go it alone u select a new skin, and maybe have a list on the character select which tells u how many people are on each team/skin, and if u turn friendly fire off for people using the same skin ppl will be forced to use teamwork rather than whacking their own team mates all the time.. respect to MTA team as always this mod rules !

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I forget which teammember posted directly about this topic, but the idea still remains. The idea behind the professions in the game were to have diversity within each team. Different professions for different needs within gameplay - kinda like Tribes, et al.

I suppose that some servers could use the simplified "gang" method though. Just personally, I like diversified, mixed-profession teams better but I can see the coolness of gang war games.

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erm im sorry u missed the point.. i love the classes and their choice of weaponry although the mexicans have it all on their plate when they start and the sailors health regeneration thing is a bit prone to abuse, and i think MTA should continue as they are but i was trying to come up with a simpler method of choosing whether u want to :- A. Start a new team B. Join an existing team or just go it alone ,,, maybe one selection which picks a totally different skin to the eg, "team skins" (16 or so) for FFA play only..

Just an idea.. anybody with me ?

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