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lol, yeh, that does look a bit weird ;-P

but they are seperate posts. The first one I made when I saw blokker posted this thread, and was more referred to the PiG flameposts a few days ago. But because that was kinda over, I didnt want to bring it all back up again by mentioning names.

Then I saw Pigpusher using foul language in another post, told him to watch it, got insulted and posted that in here..

Thanks for locking that.. It's too bad the proof got deleted though, [PiG]Pusher really went too far, I think. His insults were totally uncalled for. But I guess some people are just 'like that'

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For the record, Thargore - I believe the post in question encouraged Sess to experiment with homosexuality and called you an "Oily, Acne-Scarred Douchebag."

But only because you told me to watch my mouth.

Most of the stuff I've written on these forums has been deleted now - and after I get banned again, I doubt I'll bother posting any more. So much of my genius, removed from the digital ether by those Philistine Moderators. But I'll see y'all on the servers - I'll be making a right toilet duck of myself there, fear not...

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