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timing out and lagging characters.this normal as yet?

Guest kid-combat

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scuse my noobiness i only just got online with mta vc, noone seems to wanna help.

is it safe to say that as yet the timing out thing is normal? everyones moaning they crashing all the time incl,myself.

also, when i get into fights the other characters look like theyre lagging like mad to the point where they disappear and reappear a few feet away.also the movement of them is just ridiculous.

everything else seems sorted.just making sure its not just me. thanks

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Umm yes the laging and crashing is normal . But it should not lag much if you and the people in the server have a good ping . And about crashing . It should only crash like once in 4 hours or something . If your pc is crashing too much check to see if your ruter "is ok" (if you use one )

IF not then ... sorry cant help

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