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Where is that freakin' Win98 patch?


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Well, I need the Win98 patch that is described int the GTA3-MTA FAQ. It says to go to the download section of the website and get it, but it doesn't appear to be there.

What the hell? Im I loosing it? Where is it?

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Ok, well I found it by searching for it...

But when I clicked "Download" it went to an error page. And not the standard InternetExplorer 404 page, but some "BASM" or something website, and it said that the file could not be found.


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Ya, the file has been down for some time. Someone must be really lazy :)

Just so ya know, you aren't really missing out on way too much... GTA3:MTA usually only has 1 server, and that server usually only has 1 person.

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  • 2 months later...

Actually dude. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Anyways, why are you still here? We don't care if you don't play mta anymore. We won't miss you at all. There are usually at least 130+ people playing mta in different servers. I don't think one gone will be bad at all. So, why don't you just leave and make it easy before mrbump or some other admin thinks to ban you?

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  • MTA Team

well, u received the idiot tag for a reason.

The gtat patch has been long lost, some sites still have it. But in a couple of weeks there will be a new version for GTA3 (and anticheater, this topic is about GTA3, a game that GTAt doesn't even support)

GTA WO has nothing to do with online gameplay, it can be used with GTAt or MTA. At this moment there are people playing it with MTA, but i don't see anyone playing it with GTAt, in fact i don't see anyone playing GTAt.

And MTA isn't going downhill. The next version is gonne be so much better over the previous ones. People know what we can do while GTAt is all talk and no show

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  • 3 weeks later...

you are such a fucking loser. get the fuck outa here asshole. you wanna patch? go make it.

im gonna say this before the devs do :)

banned cockbite

this asshole is now one PWNED BITCH! :)

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