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[down for a bit]Vice Postal

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I'v decided to take the movie down for a bit. I figured I would "fine tune" it just a bit to make it even better. It will be up shortly!

Sorry to make this post

b0o0o thats cheating!! once ya post gota keep it up for the rest to see :P
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Okay, I did not finish the reworking of the video but I did make alot of new stunts, non-PJC stunts.

Personally, I think it turned out very good. Unfortunately, I am not home right now, but that might be a good thing - because then I can make some more stunts ;)

This will be good, I think you guys have something to look forward to.

Thanks for the feedback, more wouldn't hurt. On the other hand; just wait till the new version of the video.


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