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MS Stats - Advanced Race Statistics System via MySQL


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MS Stats


I want to represent you my resource which I'm using on my server (ip: mshost.cz:22003), I'm selling it in the two versions, one is XML based and the other one is MySQL based. MySQL one has more features than the XML one.

Features that are in both versions:


All statistics can be viewed by GUI (F3) or by writing commands listed below to the chat:

  • !points - Player's points (these are earned by winning the race or by getting a hunter)
  • !cash - Player's cash (these are earned also by winning the race or by getting a hunter, but you can buy some things, these are listed below)
  • !wins - Number of won races.
  • !hunters - Number of obtained hunters
  • !2nd - Number of second positions
  • !3rd - Number of third positions
  • !deaths - Number of deaths
  • !messages / !msgs - Number of sent messages to the main chat
  • !playtime / !time - Number of played minutes on server
  • !bonuses - Number of bonus vouchers


  • /fix - Repair of vehicle, price can be set in the settings in Admin Panel.
  • /nos - Nitro, price can be set in the Admin Panel.

Points and cash:

Points and cash are given when the player is killed, he doesn't have to be first, he will get awarded for every place, but award is decreasing with the places. It also depends on the number of players on the server, more players = bigger award.

Award for the Hunter is still the same.

Bonus Vouchers:

When you get a hunter, you will have a 1:20 chance to get this voucher, when you get it, you will be able to use the /use command, when you use it, one voucher is gone and you will get a free nitro + repair.

Other features:

The less important features are:

  • !admins - Will list admins with their levels.
  • PM system with PM reader for admins.
  • Autoteams - Auto assigning players in clans to their teams, their cars will have the color of clan, blips and their nicks also.

Features that are in the MySQL version only:



*The black box under the 'Player's commentary' will not be there!


Clan Statistics:

There are clan statistics shown above in the GUI. Clan Leader of the clan can change the clan's commentary and web site via the web (you have to make this or you can buy 'WebStats' of me as well).

!top commands:

These commands list the 3 players with the highest statistic value.

Available commands are:

!top points

!top cash

!top wins

and !top hunters

Map Ratings:

Players can rate the maps, whether /like or /dislike. dxDrawing then show the number of dislikes, likes and average rate at the start of each map, it also outputs to the chat.

Inter-Server Chat:

Players can chat to the other servers with this resource, just type + before the chat message and i will be seen on all servers. I have currently connected 4 servers by this.

These are not all the features that are in this resource! You can test it on my server.

Web Stats

This is add-on to this resource, you can see your statistics, top players, set avatar and others using the web.






*Not showing all the avatars.


MySQL Version: €20.00

XML Version: €10.00

WebStats: €3.00

*Installation and configuration by myself is free.

If you are interested in the buying this or you want more info, PM me or contact me via the skype: miki7852

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Looks nice but I don't think you can sell it here. You have to upload the resource to the community center.


I think it's just when you release it... it's better if it's on the community also than just on the forum.

Actually looks pretty good.

Thanks ;)

As far as I know, we have no rules against selling resources. Obviously, we're not responsible if you get ripped off.

They won't get ripped off :D

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Why !cmd

Because all players will see what you typed and your stats.

And spam the chat.

I don't think so... players don't spam this on my servers. Even when there is over 20 players, there is no spam of stats.

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  • 2 weeks later...
So it is very much neccesary for people to see what command you write, very clever. You won't get much buys if this shizz is compiled...

This applies for the stats commands and !admins only. Other commands are normal cmds (/cmd in chat). The players won't be able to see these commands.. (such as pm, login, admin cmds, etc.)

I don't see any problem in this.

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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 month later...
that's an insane price for a recource. I wouldn't pay more than 5$ for it.
lol. I sold a couple of model replacements for 15 pounds. Although it was a rip off, this resource does not cost 5 dollars by any means.
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