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fku: i dont think you guys have to worry to hard about someone staining your name

i know alot of fkus and i know for a fact it would never turn into a modders clan 8)

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plop -Health hack and [gta]-Don -Health glitch (knockd him donw 3 times and he got bak up all 3 after i shot him 2nd time afterr the knockdown ..all 3 times, he admited to glitchin and i igot ss, only cuz i accused him of health cheat, he said it wasnt cheat, just glitch, i informd him glitching is a form of cheating ..~{ULK}sn0wX

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yeah, those damn guys who are able to put the MTA tags in front of their name, that is really annoying man. Hope that can be fixed in 0.4 :lol:

Well you cant actually do it unless u have a cracked client so thats how we knew.

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  • dordorant

Just to be sure, did you accuse them of cheating and got a response?

Cause from what i can see its on of 2 things , the either

a) changed the cop car skin in their game into a heli ( with a cracked client)


B) they have a heli and arent cheating and you just saw it as a different vehicle in this case a cop car , this happend once when i was in a betatest, it happend to/with a person i know doesnt cheat ( and noboyd woud be stupid enough to cheat while betatesting anyways) , we all saw him with a car but he was in fact in a heli.

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yeah there is a trainer that works without cracking the client with 0.4 aswell, so dont think cheating is over ppl


was found cheating on "Internode MTA #1"(

in version 0.4

said they([DRuG]) had a trainer, and they'd put a password on it.

"so no n00bs would be able to use it if they got it"

had flight abilities as a pedestrian.

also saw some might mighty fast cars this session too.

the Australian clan [drug] are PRO-CHEAT and should be banned whenever seen.


ViceCity RudeBoys.

VcRB: honest, clean and friendly killing.

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[wA]madrx2: marpla u got mods?

=BDC=GodFada drowned.

[DRuG]alco64: weeee he he he

[wA]madrx2: oi drug u got crc?

[DRuG]alco64: sorta

[DRuG]alco64: :)

[wA]madrx2: where from?

[DRuG]alco64: i made it

[wA]madrx2: sweet as

[DRuG]alco64: i was the one who made the 3rc2 no crc

[DRuG]alco64: 0.3*

[wA]madrx2: cool can i have this new one plz?

from today's game.


ViceCity RudeBoys


[DRuG]alco64 killed Dr_Nick. (M60)

thats just so he can't use the "i'm only a stunter, i'm not killing anyone" excuse.

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I agree. Drug do have a bad habit of cheating - usually speed hacks and then constantly running you over - over and over again untill you die. I was playing the first day 0.4 was released, they we're already flying across the map obliterating anything in the way.... they hit you at vercetti mansion and you will fly through the air all the way to ocean drive. Worst thing is some of them are friendly with server admins, who turn a blind eye :x

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Well with 49 pages it isnt a bad thing obviously.


[DRuG] are for sure a cheating clan they even have a website, havent u seen it? it has allsorts of cheat crap on it.

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