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Report your Cheaters:


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@ supposed ip ban, heh yeah right, i re-install windows and ima not banned from a single server...

Y'know, I'm quite happy to read that. Why? Cuz it means the implemented methods of anti-cheat, though not really anti, are making it a hassle for cheaters to come back to annoy the rest of us. Kudos to the smart and keen-eyed admins all over this globe who do their jobs so well within this community, and the devs and others for what little anti-cheat defence we have.

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Hey you guys there is this guy named Szakal, who uses health and armor cheats... Caught his health go red then go back to green when he was no where near health... Cocky little bastard... Makes a challenge then when somebody accepts it, he cheats... Watch out for this guy...

BTW: He was a robber... :wink:

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dunno if these have been posted before:

@@@@@bubbles used the terminal spawn mod.

seen this guy several times now on VCES server. He's french btw.

There seems to be a few @@@@@ people now although bubbles is the only one i have seen modding myself.

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found these guys on the party server, sag&lid, Gtheft and I caught a night or two before. Lover was speed hacking and sag health and speed hacks looks like the boys formed a new cheater clan here's a screenie of thier names. No it wasn't lag either, lover was zipping across starfish strip to beach and back.


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MULLAH OMAR... known Cheat... and, um... Terrorist?

Also... Emeraldgurl cheats too

It this game, I Chainsawed them several times, both spawned as Mex with Spaz and both were invincable. Mullah stood ontop of a car as it exploded and survived, he was also naded several times and survived. I shot Emeraldgurl with M60, wasted all ammo and she kept replenishing health to full everytime she fell to the floor.

Watchout for these ppl... :roll:


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it wont do shit to the reputation of ulk. if we have cheaters we kick them out. wev proved it in the past wel prove it again.

and for the record iv got the ip of the guy that is impersonating us. im running alias checks on him right now

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Darky on party server, the best is he says and I quote "everyone else cheats and flies cars, I do it and I get kicked or banned for it"

ya a cheater that is the victim, at least in his eyes.

Witnessed him two days in a row, landed cars in front of me, speed hacks with caddy and other unusually fast vehicles. Not usually the firetruck for once . .guess it's less conspicuous that way :wink:

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I got my first cheating fanboy! (Happened on Smooth.net, blue is me, red is poser)

*WoIven+FKU+ has joined the game.

*Wolven+FKU+: Now I hide until I get my hp back

*Wolven+FKU+: Whoa, joined?

Neko+FKU+: ?

*Wolven+FKU+: Says I joined the ga,e

Neko+FKU+: odd

*WoIven+FKU+: i hide till ig et my hp back cause im a pussy

Neko+FKU+: Someone trying to be you?

*Wolven+FKU+ killed Neko+FKU+.

Neko+FKU+: Wtf?

*WoIven+FKU+ killed *Wolven+FKU+.

Neko+FKU+: Who the fuck.

Neko+FKU+: Which is you baybee?

*Wolven+FKU+: I'll be danmed.

*Wolven+FKU+: The dead one.

Neko+FKU+: tNO no

Neko+FKU+: Wait

Neko+FKU+: Lost so lots

*WoIven+FKU+: now now

Neko+FKU+: What an asshole.

Neko+FKU+: Are you next to me?

*WoIven+FKU+: be calm

*Wolven+FKU+: Nope.

VaDmaLaC has joined the game.

Neko+FKU+: The one next to me is paused?

Neko+FKU+: So lost.

*Wolven+FKU+: Yup, I'm dead, character select.

VaDmaLaC: hi all

VaDmaLaC: who wants team?

*Wolven+FKU+: Hey.

*Wolven+FKU+: Team up with the imposter.

Neko+FKU+: Unpause fooker.

Neko+FKU+: He left?

*WoIven+FKU+ killed Neko+FKU+.

Neko+FKU+: CHeat is what he is.

*Wolven+FKU+: Nope.

Neko+FKU+: He was next to me shooting each time.

Neko+FKU+: I was running he was right there -.-

*WoIven+FKU+: not me.

Neko+FKU+: On my screen.

VaDmaLaC: who wants team?

*WoIven+FKU+: Neko needs to leav clan

Neko+FKU+: stfu

Neko+FKU+: Who the fuck are you

*WoIven+FKU+: leave clan u suck

Neko+FKU+ killed VaDmaLaC.

*Wolven+FKU+: Why would I kick my woman out of my clan now?

VaDmaLaC: i thoutght you crashed

*WoIven+FKU+: cause u realize ur dick isnt ur mind

Neko+FKU+: Think again

*Wolven+FKU+: And I don't type like a 15 yo AOLer, ty.

Neko+FKU+: I bet it's (name removed, don't need flamewars over this)

*WoIven+FKU+ killed Neko+FKU+.

*WoIven+FKU+: why would i kill my bitch i ask u?

Neko+FKU+: Awful funny I wasted over 1000 ammo and it's still alive. Can you say Cheat.

Neko+FKU+: Did you just call me a bitch >=

*WoIven+FKU+: why yes i did ...dear :)

Neko+FKU+: >=\

Neko+FKU+: Who the fuck is this ass.

PM sent (to Neko)Spawn robber, we'll blow by him in a car and see if he warps.

*WoIven+FKU+ killed VaDmaLaC.

*WoIven+FKU+: im ur hunny ...baby :P

Neko+FKU+: No your a poser bitch

*WoIven+FKU+: hmm a good poser id say ehehe ....bitch :)

*Wolven+FKU+: If you're gonna copy someone, do a better job of it.

*Wolven+FKU+: Only queers and girls use hunny in a sentence.

Neko+FKU+: I am female you shithead.

*WoIven+FKU+ killed VaDmaLaC.

*Wolven+FKU+: I get why you're copying me now, you want me!

VaDmaLaC: cheater

*Wolven+FKU+: Aaaaaw, you saw my pic, eh?

VaDmaLaC: nicht fire ok?

*Wolven+FKU+: Want to be just like me?

VaDmaLaC: yeah

Neko+FKU+: Dude.

*Wolven+FKU+: Good boy, couldn't pick a better role model.

*WoIven+FKU+: heh what kind of self-respecting female plays a game with no female toons in a war situation?

VaDmaLaC: i have cheats and speedhacks (Think they meant hate, not have)

*WoIven+FKU+: nor do I

Neko+FKU+: Listen here jackass. I am a self respected female and I play the fucking game.

VaDmaLaC: you are flying with jetpack bye

Neko+FKU+: Who gives a damn about the characters. It's a friggin' game.

*WoIven+FKU+: you're not worth addressing missy....you are a whore

*WoIven+FKU+: You missy...are a whore

Neko+FKU+: I swear to god when I find out who the fuck you are.

Neko+FKU+: You are gonna get it.

*WoIven+FKU+: yeah heeheh what u gonna do?

Neko+FKU+: And if your my brother consider your ass grass when I get home.

VaDmaLaC: fku cheater clan

*WoIven+FKU+: nothing

*Wolven+FKU+: Go easy on the jealous noob babe.

Neko+FKU+: The noob knows me

VaDmaLaC: cheaters

*WoIven+FKU+: thanks please drive thru ...ahhahaha

Neko+FKU+: FKU isn't a cheather clan

Neko+FKU+: That's him.

Neko+FKU+: (name removed) goto hell.

Neko+FKU+: At least I do't listen to my dyke cousin.

Neko+FKU+: don't.

*WoIven+FKU+ killed *Wolven+FKU+.

*WoIven+FKU+: heheh

*WoIven+FKU+: is that technically a suicide?

Neko+FKU+: Yea.

*Wolven+FKU+: Yeah, yours.

Neko+FKU+: Did you give Chris ASE?

*Wolven+FKU+: Thanks for the video with the clear name.

*WoIven+FKU+: gotta love FRAPS :P

*Wolven+FKU+: Yep.

*Wolven+FKU+: And log.

Neko+FKU+ timed out.

Disconnected: Client disconnected. (Delay = 10 sec)

Then after I disconnected to do the log, he does this with my fiance (she went back into server, then relayed over AIM):

oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: Cupcake its me lol

oXAcid DreamXo: He needs to learn to copycat properly.

Wolven Carter: Yup.

Wolven Carter: I got enough log on him to prove it's not me.

oXAcid DreamXo: He's pissing me off.

oXAcid DreamXo: I think it's my brother.

oXAcid DreamXo: Neko+FKU+: Again, learn to copycat.

*WoIven+FKU+: ok ..how about ur name on every MTA server

*WoIven+FKU+: sounds like fun to me :-)

Neko+FKU+: How about you tell who you are.

Neko+FKU+: CAuse your a bitch

Wolven Carter: Good, can use that.

oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: ahhah

*WoIven+FKU+: Neko+FKU+ is my new name on all the other servers :-)

Neko+FKU+: Your afraid to reveal who you are cause you'll get shot down like a bitch

oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: shh sis

*WoIven+FKU+: :P

oXAcid DreamXo: Is my brother online?

Wolven Carter: Don't see him.

Wolven Carter: Doesn't type like your bro.

oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: mom will hear u hahaha

Neko+FKU+: Who the fuck are you and why are you being a pussy.

*WoIven+FKU+: i take after my sister :P

Wolven Carter: (Name removed)'s on though, he does know your name, he knows Chris and I've seen him ask about cheats before.

oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: now i want my lappy back!

Neko+FKU+: Then reveal who you are?

Neko+FKU+: Your what?

oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: s me ...kitty :P




oXAcid DreamXo: *WoIven+FKU+: awe :-(

*WoIven+FKU+: im a comfy pillow :P

Neko+FKU+: Your a fucktard.

Neko+FKU+: Reveal yourself.

*WoIven+FKU+: love ya sis :P

*WoIven+FKU+ has left the game.

Neko+FKU+: That's the only option fucktard.

Couple minutes later:

oXAcid DreamXo: Are you on the private serveR???

Wolven Carter: Nope.

Wolven Carter: Is he there??

oXAcid DreamXo: There were 3 now no one.

Wolven Carter: Who who and who?

oXAcid DreamXo: You were one but under the OLD way (fku)Vvolven

oXAcid DreamXo: VVolven too

oXAcid DreamXo: (fku)Scar

Wolven Carter: It's okay, I've got proof, brb

oXAcid DreamXo: and the third I didn't see

And a fight I caught with him, can make the name out clearly.

I apologize for the length of this post, but my clan's rep is at stake, as well as my fiance's and my own.

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Dr .Phill in the MTA official server (10 slot). Seemed to buzz around the level fast with nothing interuptting him, not roads, fences, buildings, water, bridges... seemed to be like "no clip". Then he got a hunter and destroyed anyone (even hiding behind things like signs). The hunter couldn't be destroyed either and a few of us reallllly hit it.

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