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this dude private messaged me just a second ago in the IRC =P Sucka!!!

well im a personal trainer somehow i get satisfaction in telling peepole how......but depends if u wanna....VERY fun in stunt...lol and no1 gets mad....i only ask no invincibility modding on DM servers

umm no

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Ok, this one guy, i dont know who, kept jackin my car and he was nowhere near me. he just got nn and then he like teleported away. and all the cars i got in were stolen :(

P.S. how do i change my nick? iv been informed that someone on a cheeter forum has the same nick and i dont want that. how can i change it?

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Shouldn't you be out "raiding tombs" or something? :lol:

but seriously...when is this kief bullshit gonna stop, it ruins a good game, i hope there will be a hack-free client in the next version. but im sure thats very much impossible...f*ckin cheaters...always makin my game crash....f*ck

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I have banned a boat load of cheats this weekend. From the offiials and the Partyserver

Brainiac or some variation of that but he changes his ip and thinks he is clever for doing it.

Bender is a speedhack

a bunch more but I can't remember the names right now...

Should I be posting the IPs? I don't know if that cool or legal to do

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I think I do remember one other cheater now that I think of it. Death..somthing. He was flying a truck no I think it was a helicopter and he never liked it when he ran out of ammo please ban him

Of course I mean legal on this forum. Do they mind if we post the IPs :P

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It was horrible yesterday....it was like every cheater known to man was around.

Anyway...it starts to *really* annoy the heck out of me. I just wish we could eliminate the possibility of cheating. CHEATERS: DIE !!!! :)

Also, MrBump was not around as it seemed...tried to contact him...

It's also extremely annoying to get accused of cheating myself - just a typical example:

[COOL]Dude: I cannot behurt with a chansaw !!!!

(Because he is 'cool' and he is in the 'COOL'-clan ! Thinks he is the sh~te !!! All members of [COOL] are so cool and good that every time they get hit someone HAS TO be cheating...lol

I kick his ass a few times and kill him with the saw which he claims is impossible.

---> Of course he accuses me of cheating...

Etc...etc....you get the idea !

That's also a reason i dont know about the idea of votekick, i am almost sure that MANY, MANY people would get kicked/banned because somene *thinks* they cheat ...

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When i first started playing MTA i didnt know you could cheat at all., of course i was a newb...then i saw flying trucks and ppl that for some reason JUST DONT DIE!. Still in my newbish stage, i wanted to learn how to cheat...i never really figured it out but i know what it takes to cheat. Ka3aK was just in the Elrods server claiming hes cheating after everyone notices this fag dont die! he drives on water (which i saw with my own eyes) runs around like the speed of cars, with a spas shooting at the same time...did i mention he didnt die? and of course, just to f*ck the game up, the admin wasnt available....GO TO A F*CKING STUNT SERVER TO CHEAT!!! no one CARES in there...f*ckin' retards livin some cool lives... (THAT WAS SARCASM)

Lara~ why did you quote me? lol do you agree with deja-vu? i think KungLao aka KungFu spammed this page up good lolz

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wtf am i supposed to click on, on that dl's page, oh yea, and 3 times? you knocked me down once, i got up ran around behind you you took my stubby in the ass like a bitch and then you turned around and shot me, i died.

thats what was on my screen.

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dont even try and turn the discusion. explain whats on the movie right there in front of ur face. right click save as genious


bleh the link isnt working. dont worry il upload it to my own webspace

geez, u dont gotta be a d*ck about it when ur links fukked....dayum b

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i fought mac-10 at the studios in a stubby duel, and each time i shot him he only lost 1 or 2 health bars. i even got him 2 times with a point blank finishing shot and only made him lose 2 health bars on those shots.

later i saw him fighting z00t and saw him get knocked down 6 times by a stubby. i asked z00t if he noticed anything strange, and asked everyone how the hell can someone survive that many stubby shots.

once deathb started accusing him of cheating he ran away and refused to fight us again. lol :lol:

btw, all of this was at the robber spawn, we all saw him spawn as robber so dont come in here saying "he could have been a cop with armor"

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