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Crash after game loaded and trying to move

Guest x-mjm

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When I've started the game it doesn't crash; I'm in the game (I've chosen a career already), I can chat, I can see around; but when I'm tryin to move (pressing w for example) it crashes (Unhandled Exception).

What can I do?

Please help!

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I searched the forum, but didn't find anything. (A lot with "unhandled exception" in-game, on pressing start, but not so how it's with me)

OS: Windows 2000


GFX: nVidia GF 4200


with v.0.1 it didn't happen

No it doesn't happen in SP

Yes, I have selected the right version.

No, I'm not using a crack.

I'm not using a mod (I reinstalled to insure that).

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it migh be bacause u HAD a mod installed before . Try deleting VC AND MTA adn installign them again . Try to do what i do , Make a copy of VC just for MTA . And the other copy you can mod :D

Yeah i think this is why . Did you install the mod after you installed MTA?

I hate morons who can't read!!!

Go to school!

No, I have german keyboard and german VC, but I've selected english language

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