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put some ideas from vc to gta3

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how about you can pick were you want to be spawned cough:: cough::: exept water

i cant say this with one hundred percent certainty, but based on what ive seen of the 0.2 spawn system they use warps to spawn you, and they cant place a warp for every place in gta3, but i could be wrong :roll:

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and what is the utility ???? its a really stupid thing, why not typing "life" or "armor" and it spawn an health item and armor...wouahou the game will be incredible...

woah that game would be lame :roll:

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um... lol this is the gta3 discusion thread

So? He's saying transfer VC stuff to GTA3 stupid head! :P

heh, ok so i missed that part somehow :? ransom ur stupidity rubs off on me sometimes ok :P

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gee thats smart gamefreek, write that we cheat in normal text then say we dont in small text. now the n00bs are gonna look at that and say hey, ulk cheats. i dont take cheating as a joke, SO DONT FUCKING JOKE ABOUT IT

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