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Micra's maps for the Race mode.

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Hey there!

Finally, I'm going to present my maps! Only some of them has movies!

Anyway take a look!

My maps (20):

My own maps:


Micra v1 - Dizziness

Micra v3 - Civilization

Micra v4 - Dizziness II

Micra v5 - Dizziness III

Micra v7 - Empire State Of Mind

Micra v8 - Shut Up And Drive

Micra v9 - All The Right Moves

Micra v12 - Russian Lullaby

Micra v14 - Riot


Micra v2 - Witchcraft

Micra v6 - Wonderland

Micra v10 - Push It To The Limit

Micra v11 - Place Your Bets

Micra v13 - Cross 777


Micra v15 - Hit Them Right Between The Lights

Maps with other people:


CooL ft. TNT ft. Micra - Sea Style II

PeiN ft. Micra - Lethal Weapon

PeiN ft. Micra - Solace One new-mp3.png


Assassin ft. Micra - Flexible As F*ck

Micra ft. Near - Hilarious



That's all I had to show!

Like it/hate it and comment it!

Also visit my YouTube Channel: and of course subscribe!

Best regards, Micra.


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link pls

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