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mods work as seen here

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map mods still work at the moment. But we stress : DO NOT USE THEM. They r conciderd cheats since you can build new routes and other ppl can see you running over water and such. This does not improve gameplay and could cause crashes :idea:

oh so thats what he meant, i was just wondering exactly what he was talking about :oops:

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DeathB just right klik on the red X and go to properties and copy the link and then paste it in your browser and enter then you should see the pic.(BTW the one that posted it MAKE IT .JPG!!!!!! even on cable it took a while to show)

tried that, the link is down im guessing, or maybe its my schools(itt) firewall blocking it, ill double check it when i get home

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lol dude thanx for the line of bs... but i dont think that the crashing has anything to do with the map, so keep playing and i bet ul see them start to crop up. as far as using the map goes personally, i wouldnt dare. i would like to see some kind of revised mta map, but this is far from necesary as i could only immagine the bandwidth clogs if everyone had to download a map. but who knows i could be wrong and the completely illogical could have happened(a map mod fixing vc's problems) but i HIGHLY doubt it.

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would you of considering the OTHER people int eh server who MIGHT be crashing?

look the mods say no mods for a reaons to make the game better, fi you want to go and screw up your game, FINER but do it on a priv server! leave INNOCCENT NEWBS OUT OF IT! they have enuf trouble with normal crashing without your dumbass map mod messing it all up.

I think this thread has gone on for WAY to long


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