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P.S. Before you all start emailing and asking us:

No, we will not send you that thingamabob you are after by email.

No, the domains are not for sale.

No, the sources of any programs we made are not open source.

No, the content of the sites is not available.

Yes, if you are rockstar, gamespot, fileplanet or whatever, things are negotiable

^^ that sucks:(ohh well people what you waiting for we need a new mod manager!!!!!!!! WAKE UP NO TIME TO SLEEP!!!! hehe

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As most people know by now that Vcmm is shutdown :evil: . But I got a new mod manger. But i have no mods. So please help me out by go to your Vcmm folder (normal C:\Program Files\vcmm) and email me your mod folder with all your mods in it. and i should have a working version of my mod manger up some time soon.

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yeah, youre tellin me it sucks... i downloaded vcmm like 2 days b4 it closed. i was like, wow, this is excellent. auto install, huge download list, what more could i want? i want it to be open still, thats what i want

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They said it costed them money for the hosting, so why dont they get a sponsor to host them. They get enough hits a month even a day. All they would have to do is have a copyright line at the bottom : This site is hosted by blahblahblahblah. You can find one at http://www.webhostingtalk.com
if they only posted that on the vcmm client it self it would of caught my eye and i could of easly found them a host. well hope some day they bring the project back to life because that mod manager has a lot of potential
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