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Another MTA Glitch

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im not using warez

i bought the game (hell i was the first in line when the store opened) but i got sick and tired of just putting in and out the cd so i downloaded a no cd patch and thats what im using until i downloaded the new version of mta and now it gives me this message. im accually thinking now twice of installing anymore mta versions. i mean im greatful for the mod but this is the 2nd time it messed up gtavc.

(and offtopic mta team should allow to attach files on these fomus. that way screenies are possible.)

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I dont like swapping CDs either so for non-MP games that require cds I use no-cd cracks, such as Vice City.

MTA works fine with it for me, I dont get any other crashes other than the normal ones or those that happen at character selection / spawn.

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then don't play it.. the mod will survive if you dont..

its beta software we give no guarantees, as such we don't take orders from the community.. we try to fix bugs.. but this is a problem only you are having.. and we aren't going to take the time to find it when the basics of the game aren't even completed.


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bah this topic is lame, im suprised no ones closed it down yet. as far as mta surviving without you, hell ya it will. MTA has something going for it that i havent found in any other multiplayer game: a completely freeform enviroment. What game do you know of that can even touch upon mta's freeformness? personally i give my deepest thanx to the developers for making this mod possible :P

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