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F10 doesnt work when hosting?

Guest flexcon

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hi, when i host my own server and play with my friend and we press F10 that name tag isnt coming up like i get when i go in a public server,

how can i enable it? and if i press F11 nothing happens also :(


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Ya, this has happened to me before. Seems as though my config.cfg (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\config.cfg) was completely empty. I just opened it with notepad and added the lines:

bind t say

bind F9 showchat

bind F10 showplayers

bind F11 showscores

bind F12 screenshot

Worked for me. You can always just re-install MTA, doesn't take long :)

EDIT: fixed it.

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Uh, "me" is showplayers, not shownames :P

lol are you :o ing serious, does it really matter...

At least we know who DOESN'T code around here. :lol: MTA will reference showplayers and not shownames, so if you have it set to "shownames" it won't do jack.

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