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You could have waited a little more to get more money for a better GPU because CPU is bottlenecking a lil the GPU and since you are going to upgrade the whole PC ( except graphics card which you already have ) you would have a more balanced config ( unless you are thinking in a Core i3 ). Though, it's just an opinion and this topic isn't made for giving opinions about why others did buy something or not :)

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How is that possible that my school desktop computer has RAM rating at 7.4 and it has 4GB of RAM and they are running like at 600mhz, and i got 6GB RAM and running the same speed but the rating is only 5.5

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Are both systems using the same OS ( version and architecture )? Which OS is it? Are you sure both RAMs are at the same speed?

RAMs are the same speed..but i think i found already an answer for that. I think the problem is that my system is 32-bit but in school 64-bit.

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Are you aware that x86 architecture operation systems don't support more than 3,5GB of RAM? Which OS are you using, by the way?

Yes i know. I just thought that it said that 6GB installed (2,92GB usable) that it would count all that memory not only the usable memory. Ohhh, just going to install 64-bit then...

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