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Progress (04/10/2003 at 16:40 CET) by MTA Team


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skit300 wrote: If you know there are only two or three bugs, don't you know which they are and how to solve them?

You guys who ask questions like this really have no clue do you.

First there is finding repeatable situations that cause the crash, then there is identifying what out of the many steps in that situation could be causing it, then there is coming up with new methods to avoid the crash often involving changing many other things that are dependant on the old code, then there is applying that for every game situation that is possible, then there is testing it THOROUGHLY to avoid rushing out a patch that has just as many bugs as the client it is replacing, if testing shows a prob we go back a step or two yet again, then once testing shows positive results there is getting the updates to the mirrors and preparing the website news posts, THEN it can be released.

Now, we are currently somewhere in the middle of this process, (and note I havnt even touched on 'unrelated' things like school, work and family time). You will know when it is ready, until that time please refrain from making such comments.

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I've absolutley no knowledge in programming or so but wouldn't it be possible to make some kind of debugger application that could write down the data from the server and when the game gets an unhandled exception it stops recording and save everything into a file? My experience is that the crashes often happens for 2 or more people at the same time and wth some logical thinking they're probably crashing because of the same reason or they're crashing because of each other in some way.

Maybe this has already been done, i searched the forums but couldn't find anything (didn't look too well though).

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@MrBump: The Website still says that the team hasen't even started working on 0.3

SO whats your point???and your wrong btw.

sorry I didn't quote of mrbump.

Now, we are currently somewhere in the middle of this process

so thats why I posted, that the website says 0% and he says about 50%

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im sorry if this is offencsive or ne thing i dont knwo much bout coding or any thing of the sort (i would like to learn). but do you guys have an idea of waht triggers the game to crash. If so can some of it be avoided if we dont do what ever triggers it. I noticed crashing with me often happens when doing somthing like getting in a car when a bullet hits a person or when you bash into someone with a car but i dont know if thats just coincident or somthing i did caused it.

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Well like it says in the manual, getting on a bike as a passenger when there is no driver will crash the game, i cant remember iff there are anymore,look at the manual, iff there are more there said there, i have crashed many times when too many cars explode at once or around the same time, dont know iff concidence or what but well it was happend a couple of times.

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maybe a couple of mta's should get together on a server and try top find a link to when games crash so we can avoid it

You're not ordinary dumb, your far beyond that! I must admire you! :lol:

Yes. Wow. Thats extremely dumb and uneducated. They test the hell out of MTA before releasing it you retard.

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  • MTA Team

no name callings please!

We are working on MTA:VC 03 anf GTA3:MTA 0.4 at the moment. The progress bars don't move at the moment since we are not really into developing at the moment but we are planning stuff and testing stuff out to see if things are possible. Once we have found new things and new ways to do stuff we can start puzzling on the client

Also we are trying to bugfix 0.2. We have found some solutions to some crashes. And maybe a 0.2.1 will be released in a couple of days, but nothing is certain at this moment

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