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F'n banks...


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0) Make a deposit before all of this happens for over $60, so I should be covered.

1) Go to an ATM, get my balance. $24.93 (okay, I am poor ).

2) Go to store, buy parts for modding - $24.50.

3) Check this morning to have -$26 balance at the f'n bank.

4) Find out that is due to overdraft charge, they say my previous balance was $23.50. That isn't what my ATM receipt said.

5) Call them, ask about it. "Sorry, I cannot reverse this charge, it seems valid."

7) Tell them "Alright then, thanks for your service today, I will be switching banks on Monday." Hear a "Thanks" as I click the f'n phone off.

So now I can't even eat this weekend as I dont have any money or food becasue these greedy :o give me WRONG INFORMATION FROM THEIR ATMs, then charge me for it WHEN THAT MONEY SHOULD ALREADY BE IN THE BANK.

I was with a local credit union around here - I got okay service, they :o up all the time but they didn't charge me shit (well, they did when they ":O up," but this was stuff that was immediately looked at and fixed, and these weren't as often as BoA has). Guess I will be switching soon...

Why the :o are banks os :o up?

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