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A few suggestions

Guest Haywire22

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Hello. Im new... You get the idea.

How about a couple different game types? Like Deathmatch, or "Gangwar"

Maybe do missions together? Or a cops'n'Robbers type and another. Maybe 'Escort'

The police have to Escort a securicar full of money through the city to the Airport.While driving the securicar, you are being escorted by other people in cop cars, tanks, SWAT vans, Ranchers, etc. Then drive up to a helicopter at the airport and stop inside one of the pink circle things. The it puts the money in the heli and you gotta get it to a place on the beach where another sucuricar is waiting and you land in a pink circle. Then the money goes into the next securicar. Then you take it to the Bank.Then you win. While you do all of this, the robbers and mexicans are trying to steal the securicar.

If they steal the securicar, they Escort it in vans etc. Then they have to get it to the airport as fast as they can. Then they load into a helicopter and take it to a garage. Then they win.

With Cops'n' Robbers.

You can spawn as a Cop, Robber or Mexican. The Robbers and Mexicans either A)Speed in any car they like 2)Rob a store 3)Or just do something bad Lol.

As a cop, you have to give chase and either A)Arrest them and take them to the cop station and they get locked up until the next round. or B)Kill them or C) Storm them in a swat invasion if there in a house or building

Death match is obvious lol.

Add to it, tear it apart, Accept it or reject it.

The choice is yours

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