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First time stunt video...

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Well, last night I decided to do a stunt video. It took be about three and a a half hours to get the footage, edit it, compress it to DivX format, and then export it. I really used this just to experiment with Adobe Premiere and VirtualDub. First time using both programs, or any editing programs for that matter. I also synced quite a bit of it to the theme song for Kill Bill (the one that runs in the trailer). I didn't want to bog it down with boring motorcycle stunts that have been done in like every other stunt video (I used a couple to will some gaps) and I only have one scene of me fighting (it plays at the very end and isn't much of a fight). It's some what big for being only a couple minutes long, but it is pretty nice quality.

Any ways, you need to get Bittorrent if you don't have it. You can get it here. It takes about 30 seconds to download and install and there's no spyware/adware so no worries. It also only runs when you open a torrent. Now, you can find the video torrent here.

(Ignore the message at the end of the video.)

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I had no where to upload it that can take as much traffic as it is getting. But it has around 35+ seeders at the moment so it shouldn't take very long to download. If someone downloads it and wants to put it on a server, be my guest.

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And for those of you that didn't see the links (it seems to blend them into the regular font, here...

Bittorrent: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/bitt ... nt-3.3.exe

Stunt Video torrent: http://www.emptylogic.com/suprnova/torr ... vi.torrent

Tracker it's on is acting up a bit so if it doesn't start right a way just let it sit for a little bit. I'll be gone after about 5pm today until Sunday night, so I'll comment on any posts after 5pm when I get back.

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I wasn't going for amazing stunts. It was really just a test to see if I could use Adobe Premiere, and sync the video with the music. I'll probably make a better video in a week or so.

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Ok you said this was just to see how well u could handle premiere well i think u did a good job editing so there u dont "have" to get better (but better is always better,lol)and the stunts ok, some of them are normal etcetc but i wont judge the stunts since it was more your point how u edited it then the stunts,music syncing was good at some parts of the movie but ot all, but its hard to get that normally,anyways overall good movie.

Ps i liked the last last stunt with the sabre turbo, very nice!,and how did you get all those people to fight eacother?the cheat to make them aggresive?

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Thanks for the feedback. I tried to sync the video and music better, but I really didn't have enough footage to do so. I'm going to start working on another video tonight and spend a few days on it. And that is the pedestrians fight code. If you're just messing around after beating the game, it makes a very entertaining code.

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