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you people who think that making the computer people in the game or adding seaplanes int he game will make it all laggy, IT WONT UNLESS YOUR COMPUTER SUCKS MY ASSHOLE, it runs of your own local machine idiots, not some remote server it would be the exact same stupid fools, just has to sinc. the locations of the computer cars, FOOLS

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Ok where would i start : SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!!!, ok that seems like a good start.Ok, do you know any coding and internet and all those things?Im guessing NOT!!!!The Freaking boats they did not put em in cause they would lag, they didnt put them in cause everything that touches the water now will explode,thats why they didnt put them in!!!!And...Ah F*CK IT your too dumb to understand anyways , next time talk about something you know like Tele Tubbies and dont come talking B*LLSH*IT in here again, iff you dont like it F*ck OFF!!! :twisted::twisted:

Anyone see what im trying to point out?

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