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Vice City Gangwars almost ready for kickof

Guest Mafia

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I have made a competition system for vc mta. It's like a soccer competition. Each country has its own league. The winner of this league will play against the winners from the other countries in a world championship.

Teams will be able to get member requests and if a team has no website, There will be a team website gerator where people can ask for permission to join the team. Customisable text on your own teamwebsite, etc.

Stats like total kills per team, per teammember, topkiller of the match, etc are also there.

I'm now hosting it on our Team Mafia website. Check it out http://www.vcmafia.tk

There will also be a single player ladder can't say much about it yet though.

We are looking for people with a fast internetconnection who can host games and are willing to help us out.

Greetings to you all !

Team Mafia

P.S. See you soon at gangwars!

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Interesting post as we have already started gang wars:).. first game was last saturday and we are having another game this saturday.

http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=4167&start=0 this is the thread describing the games and times ect. Not sure if your gang will be able to start as we've started playin but we may be able to work something out.

As far as gangs in specific countries this being the internet that is kinda a moot point. and would be hard to do as I know VCK and SM have members in many different countries and i wouldn't be suprised if the other gangs are the same. If you are talking about setting up a completly different system then we'll see how that goes. These gang fights are serious but I'm sure they are going to change with the new releases as there will be more Gang specific functions added to MTA.

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lol, i don't think that there are any Dutch peeps in VCP except me, would be difficult 1 vs 13 :P (ofcourse i would win :lol: )

well i would love to see you test out that theory :twisted:

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anyways, the idea was okay, but we're already kinda doing that.

we dont have stats, but we usually have a matchreport. i like that better ^^

ya i second that, these match reports are awesome. we just need a 15th person in game with a chopper and fraps turned on to record a movie, and edit it so that peeps can see some of the highlights of the match :tomcat:

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