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Voice chat improvement


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So here's my idea.

What about such thing like when someone is voice chatting, then his nickname would be seen in everyones screen, like for example in the right upper side.

Why? Well here's the reason. It is hard to understand who's voice chatting like in DM maps. And for admins it is almost unreal to know who should he mute if someone is braking rules via voice chat or something.

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Like in Half-Life online games (Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike)?

Sounds good. But I'm pretty sure that can be done via scripting.

Yes, you got me right! :)

Hmm, can you give me a direct link to one if there is any? :?

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There is already a feature like that in the voice resource if im not mistaken. I dont know much about that resource but check in its settings to see if/how to enable the text when someone is voice chatting.

No, I'm pretty sure there is no such option at this moment.. :/

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That's what he showed you. Check the screenshot again.

The voice resource that comes with MTA 1.3 should have that, here it does.

Oh lol I didn't notice that nickname there. :D How exactly you get that?

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I saw Tren's screenshot. I always thought you only see that on your end.

The feature is extremely scarce though. Out of my 10-15 favorite servers, only one has voice enabled. And I'm the only one using it anyway

I think voice should be enabled by default. I only found one server with about 4 or 5 voice chatters.

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