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Server not saving.



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If that save system doesn't work and you got another save system, your gonna have to add the files in the meta.xml for the zombie gamemode, but the save system might not work like the save system you got it with

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Hm. I just checked the xml and it's in there.

That's it. Pretty much I just put the zombiegamemode in there and the mode itself works, it just never actually SAVES. The weapons are gone when I log on and so is the skins.

How do you usually set up a save?

Like what's the basics to it, just put it in gameplay and start it up in the MTA config?

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Nah, when you usually download a gamemode and somethings not working, we usually, tell the author, or get a new one...

But Zombie Gamemodes are very known, but is rarely uploaded...

(BOT) I just noticed that the save system is from 2010, and the zombie gamemode is from 2011.

Some of the older resources, aren't compatible with the newer servers.

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