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MTASG 0.3 released!


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MTASG 0.3 is released!

Some of the new features:

:arrow: Even faster than 0.2b

:arrow: Separate player pages for the top 20 players (can be disabled)

:arrow: Random quote on the player pages for the top 20 players (can be disabled)

:arrow: Server name (thanks to Skit3000 for idea, but this one gets the server name from the logfile)

:arrow: Score system (thanks to Skit3000 for idea)

:arrow: Picked up powerups/weapons stats (Haven't bothered collecting names and ID's for them yet, so only number of pickups is shown)

A demo can be viewed here (some people has reported this URL not to work. I haven't had time to look into the problem, so use this if you have problems). Code looks a bit ugly, but hey, it works! :P Nobody has submitted themes yet (*hint*), so there are still only 3 themes (one by me and two by IJs). If you make a theme then please send me the .css and it will be included in the next release. :) Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

You can download MTASG 0.3 here (use this if you have problems).


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Alex3305: Yes, you can, but you are supposed to run it with PHP's command line interface (php.exe), and not via Apache.

You can run it just with Apache, but for that you'll need something like the auto-update code I made (Look at the download section). It's easy to implend such a thing if you know a little bit about PHP... :)

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