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Gang Headquarters Map (opening post has image)


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It is in yakuza territory, yes. but it is actually across the street from the actual spawning locations.

I see no reason to disallow spawn points. The way gang fights are likely going to happen is each gang will choose 1 character to spawn. The fact that you can choose your weapon is awesome. this is the optimal gangfight method because it wont require a gang to meet up, they all spawn together anyways.

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hmm, staunton doesnt have a lot of roof access n it.

the cemetary/church has a nice enclosed area and some grassy parts to climb up onto.

the construction areas have lots of cover and variable terrain, but the neighbors might not be welcoming (theres already a gang at the construction site, but I think theres room)

the bathroom is fairly enclosed and a tight squeeze, so if yer enemies have a flamethrower, thats not a good spot. if no flamethrowers are allowed in your match, its great though.

the cop station has some tunnels for protection, and many levels to it

the pc builing has a second level to it that you can stand on and shotgun people from above

the basketball courts are near the winding ramp and surrounded by walls and other obsticles, plus that cabin in the park is neat scenery.

donald love building is well protected, but no roof access.

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The spawn points in GTA3 are pretty random, so I'll allow bases anywhere on the map until classes are introduced on all islands.

NS and VCK added to the GTA3 map, and MFC added to the Vice City map.

Mike: Could you be more specific please?

Cocanuta: I'm assuming that TFS doesn't have six or more members, since it's a new clan. I don't see a roster anywhere, though.

VCP: Please pick another base in Vice City... I should have requested this earlier. The construction site is a spawn point.

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-TFS- now has 7 members and we would like to share the big Vice city airport with CE if they area if they dotn we would like to take the country club,

thank you!


EDIT: if we cant have the country club seeing as we cant have both can we ahve the building you take the photos from on a mission just across the road from the malabu, only if we cant get the whole country club.

thank you

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I just neatened up the formatting as I saw someone had added a note about the requirements needed to be listed on the map. I also made the note about Blue Zircon being in charge of this thread less prominant because it is really only needed as a footnote. Fine a job as he does, of course.

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i just found a kickass staunton base that I can suggest for some other gang.

in the entrance to the parking lot where you fight the spanked up madmen, there is an underground parking garage! I can't beleive I hadn't seen it before. after all this time playing gta3 and I still find something I didn't know about.

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Yea, could you make VCCD's head quarters in the hatian's base in Haiti? The one next to the dump that you have to blow up in one of the missions. Its next to the dump, there those two little paths cross.

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