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For anyone here wondering, the PR website/forum/file archive and related web/server services will be down for a few days. The server has experienced some major hardware failures that will require the replacement of parts, and some heavy time invested in re-setting up some programs and services to get things back online. I will try to update this when I know more. For now, please try to be patient. Nothing data-wise is lost, however it will be inaccessible until this is resolved. Thank you for your understanding.



Project Redivivus Founder


Edit: It looks like I'll be able to save some of the parts. It will require further work, however I will still need to purchase replacement parts for it's cooling system if this is the case, which will take time as I do not have the money for it right now. This would be the preferred way, though, because then nothing needs to be set up in the software other than installing drivers for the two new gigabit network cards, which would heavily save me time and effort. Again, I will try to keep everyone updated, and I appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Edit 2: I have received the parts, but I still need to make some time to install them. Hang in there people! Things are almost back to normal! :)

Edit 3: Some services are back up, however the main ones still aren't. The Mantis Bug tracker located at is one of the services that has returned.

Edit 4: Most services have been restored, and many, many bugs have been fixed. Further progress has been made on the webservices too, with more updates expected to come soon. All is well again, my friends!

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As of the latest edit, this topic is no longer applicable. Please be aware that the site+archive is back up again. Enjoy! :)

Requesting topic lock.

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