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ATTENTION! First thing you must do before starting to script for MTA is to learn Lua.

If you don't learn the basics of Lua language, it will be hard for you to script anything.

I've compiled this list of tutorials and manuals, which should be useful for scripting beginners.

List will be updated.

If you have any other useful tutorial/manual links — post it.

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It's makes no sense if you open and read scripting introduction but you don't know lua.

I learned scripting just by looking at examples, and a little scripting introduction. Never read any lua language tutorials.

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Penguin, you're saying this as if you're a professional scripter :D :D ( No offence )

But Tutorials helped me a lot, although I am not a top scripter, I would put myself as learning to in the middle. I am getting there, by tutorials. As many aspects are not covered properly in the Wiki of MTA, so in Tutorials it's done in more depth for the people who do not understand.

Good Luck for the new Beginners ;)

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